Dirock KK Mini Pod Kit


Product introduction:
Size: 98 * 17mm
Weight: 80g
Battery capacity: 650mah
Cartridge material: pctg
Capacity: 2ML
Resistance: 1.2-1.4 Ω
Charge discharge current: 5v-0.5a

Package size: 115 * 86 * 29mm (with one module, one atomizer, one finished coil and one USB charging cable)

Package size of finished coil: 90 * 45 * 15mm (3 pieces / package)

Adjustable light color: red yellow blue green purple white
Adjustment method: shake mod to change the light color
Switch mode: press the ignition button 5 times

Energy saving mode: the lamp is exhausted. When no lighting is required, press the ignition button 3 times to turn off the lighting function.

The latest chip developed by the California team uses two sets of program versions, with real-time monitoring function, which can continuously adjust the output power required for atomizing smoke oil to cope with the impact of air flow on the electric heating wire. No need to adjust the operation, full intelligent automatic adjustment, bring you the best experience.

2ml oil storage can meet the daily needs of users, rather than frequent oil injection. The material in contact with tobacco oil is food grade pctg material, which has high stability and avoids any adverse reactions with tobacco oil. At the same time, the pod is equipped with a finished atomizing core with a 0.7 Ω resistor. Under the strong promotion of chip, smoke and taste coexist, and the taste of smoke is perfect.

There are 24 kinds of LED lights and 6 kinds of colors. When you want to change the color used, just shake mod. The internal chip is equipped with high sensitive vibration sensing components. When you don't need ambient light, just press the ignition button three times to turn it off, and then you can use the battery to extend the battery life. When night falls, when walking on the street, you are the focus of everyone's attention.

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