yuoto p20 pod system kit


P20 Product parameters:

Vape Pen (battery) parameters:

Battery capacity: 280mah

Charging time: 45-60 minutes

Puffs at full power: 300

Vape Pen weight: 5g

Heating wire resistance: 1.4 ohm

Puffs of individual cartridges: 300


Indicator description:

When Using:  the inhalation light is getting brighter

Low Battery:  the red light is always on

No Powerr:  the red light flashes

When Charging:   red light

When Fully Charged:  white light






That is, change the cartridge for 1 second.

Refused to be more complicated

The one-time sealed cartridge is designed to be replaced when it is used, which is convenient and hygienic.

Embedded magnetic technology, 1 second change cartridge


It comes with:

1*Vape Pen  1*Empty Cartridge  1*USB

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